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Appraisals Filed for Two Estates

Transfer tax appraisals were filed Friday in the estates of Mrs. Georgette Goldschmidt, who left net holdings of $1,239,470, and of Mrs. Caroline Schwab, whose properties are valued at a net figure of $519,253.

Mrs. Goldschmidt, widow of Henry P. Goldschmidt, died December 27, 1931. Charitable and educational institutions and similar organizations will share $50,000 of her estate. She left that sum for distribution by her son-in-law, Henry L. Moses of 998 Fifth avenue, at his own discretion. Mr Moses is also named executor.

The gross estate is placed at $1,332,641. Its assets consist chiefly of stocks and bonds.

Two sisters, Mrs. Florence Rosenhain of London, England, and Mrs. Bertha Boris of Paris, France, are left life estates in $80,000 each. A daughter, Lucy G. Moses, wife of the executor, receives $50,000 in cash, all household and personal effects and one-half of the residue.

Two grandchildren, James H. and, Nadine Sachs of 340 East Seventy-second street, get life estates in one-fourth of the residue.


Mrs. Schwab, who died January 31 of this year, left a gross estate of $612,106, of which $395,977 was in stocks and bonds. Two grandchildren, Everett and Carol Weill of 42 West Seventy-fourth street receive temporary life estates of $25,000 each, payable at the age of thirty.

Two physicians also are beneficiaries. Dr. Philip M. Grausman gets $25,000 in full payment of professional services to the testator, while Dr. Roland Grausman receives $5,000 for a similar purpose.