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Austrian Nazis Seek Confusion

Austrian Nazis are seeking to spread confusion in Austria, the current issue of Neue Welt declares, in order to ferment disorder and set one section of the populace against the other. This campaign against the Jewish element has all the possible variations of the German model of propaganda.

The paper has referred in the past to a number of measures which are contemplated in the “New” Austria by Austrian quarters standing close to the authoritarian Government, such as exclusion of loyal and well-qualified people from their professions because they are Jews.

The paper has constantly had to deal with the activities of a certain section of the press which day after day and week after week attacks the Jewish citizens in a mean, calumnating, despicable fashion, a press which by its close relations with the Christian-German leadership of this State should be bound to restraint, understanding, tact and political farsightedness in matters affecting the Jewish question.