Seven Hebrew Charities May Gain from Will
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Seven Hebrew Charities May Gain from Will

Seven charitable Hebrew organizations may eventually receive the residuary estate of Isaac Alkus who died on July 15 leaving an estate estimated at “more than $10,000.”

In his will dated April 7, 1933, Mr. Alkus bequeatehd to his widow, Dorothy A. Alkus of 40 East Eighty-third street, all personal effects, a life estate in his interest in the A. Z. A. Realty Corporation and a life estate with the residue with power to touch upon the principal. Upon the widow’s death the residue is to pass to a daughter, Mrs. Florence Bernstein of 57 East Eighty-eighth street, who is bequeathed $5,000. Should Mrs. Bernstein predecease her mother the money is to go to her children.

If she leaves no children, the following institutions will divide the residue: The Home for Aged and Infirm Hebrews, the Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society, the Hebrew Technical School for Girls, the Hebrew Infants’ Asylum, the Hebrew Orphan Asylum, the New York Guild for the Jewish Blind and the Hebrew Sheltering Immigrants’ Society.

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