London Relief Official Visits Warsaw Jews, Discusses Aid Work

A. M. Kaiser, secretary of the London Federation of Jewish Relief Organizations, who is now in Warsaw, has visited a number of local institutions, and held conferences with various committees and personages to discuss relief work.

The Central Rescue Committee called a special meeting to meet Mr. Kaiser. Chief Rabbi Schorr, who presided, thanked the London Federation for the aid it had given the Rescue Committee.

At a reception to Mr. Kaiser given by the Bet Lechem, a motion picture was shown of the work of the organization among the Jewish poor.

Mr. Kaiser also conferred with the president of the Warsaw Jewish community, Mr. Mazur; with I. M. Levin, Mr. Giterman, Deputy Wislicki, Deputy Rosmarin, the Lubavitcher Rebbe and Rabbi Kahane, on the various aspects of his mission to Poland.