Italy Pledges Aid to Austria Against Nazis
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Italy Pledges Aid to Austria Against Nazis

Premier Benito Mussolini today reaffirmed his determination to preserve the independence of Austria from the encroachments of the Nazis in a conversation with the Austrian Chancellor, Kurt Schuschnigg, it was reported here.

Traveling with a military escort, Schuschnigg stopped off at Rome on the way to the French Riviera, where he will spend a vacation.

Rumors of a meeting between the Austrian Chancellor and the former Empress Zita to discuss restoration of the monarchy were dispelled when Schnuschnigg sped through Viareggio, where the former Empress is staying, without stopping to see her.


Interviewed at his villa at Nice, Chancellor Schuschnigg declared his intention of fighting to the end against Anschluss with Germany.

“I follow in the footsteps of my predecessor, Chancellor Dollfuss,” he said. “I am of the firm opinion that Germany has no right to mix herself in Austria’s internal problems.”