Charges Delay in Prosecution of N. J. Nazis
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Charges Delay in Prosecution of N. J. Nazis

Prosecution of fifteen Mountainview Nazis who two weeks ago attacked his brother-in-law, himself, and their wives, is being unduly delayed, William Neuenhaus, World War veteran, charges.

Although Neuenhaus and the three others lodged formal complaints immediately after the purported attack, which they say occurred in Mountainview, the case has not yet been sent to Paterson Criminal District Court, the veteran declares.

At a preliminary hearing before the Mountainview police recorder several of the defendants, under questioning by Robert F. McDermott Jr., counsel for the Neuhaus group, characterized themselves as members of the Nazi Party and admitted on the witness stand that they are not United States citizens.

Neuhaus claims his alleged assailants make their headquarters in a fort-like Mountainview house, whose windows are steel-barricaded and whose doorway is decorated with animal skulls.