Nazis See Jews Using ‘aryan’ Ruse
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Nazis See Jews Using ‘aryan’ Ruse

A warning to German residents of Neustadt was issued by the publication Rhein NSZ Front to the effect that Jewish stores were attempting to disguise their “non-Aryan” ownership by employing S. A. men and front-soldiers.

The newspaper charges that many of the stores which have been recently advertising for “S. A. men or World War soldiers,” are Jewish or have “strong relations with Semitic circles.”

“No one,” the article reads, “will dare to say that these people have suddenly been imbued with a great love of ‘Aryans.’ That would be contrary to their very natures. It is stupid to expect such a thing. What really animates them is the greed to do business. Nobody knows better than the Jewish shopkeeper and store-owner that people no longer buy in stores with Jewish employees. So the Jewish owner searches for “Aryan” employees, and the managers of the branch stores are wherever possible party members or a World War veteran.”

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