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Ask Fur Trade to Shunannual Leipzig Fair

The Trade Boycott Committee of the Fur Industry, operating under the auspices of the Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League to Champion Human Rights, is circularizing the fur industry asking the tradesmen not to patronize the annual Leipzig Auction Sales.

The letter, signed by Lee Weinschenker, secretary, says:

“Dear Friends:—

“Again the American Fur Trade is invited to attend a Fur Auction Sale in Leipzig, Germany. We sincerely hope that our Fur Merchants will repeat last year’s non-attendance record and trust that even the lone American customer of 1933 will now fall in line.

“The Anti-Nazi Boycott movement aims at all goods coming from or via Germany and our committee considers every importation from Germany, of whatever source of origin, a violation of the Boycott. We also wish to add that our committee is very carefully watching those concerns that try to evade the contempt of their fellow-merchants by placing their orders through German brokers and commissioners in Leipzig.

“Don’t attend the Leipzig auction sales!

“Keep up the anti-Nazi boycott!

“And let the fur trade continue to be the most boycott-loyal trade in the U. S. A.”