Austrian Nazis Under Orders to Mark Time
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Austrian Nazis Under Orders to Mark Time

Herr Reinthaler, the new chief of the Austrian Nazi party, has received instructions to reorganize the party and to avoid carefully giving the government any pretext to prosecute Nazis still holding office, the Vienna correspondent of the London Daily Telegraph reports.

Reinthaler is a large estate owner residing in the Upper Austrian lake district. His appointment is said to have come from Munich, headquarters of the German Nazi party and of the supposedly-dissolved Austrian Legion. Reinthaler is also said to be close to Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s chief deputy.

According to the Telegraph correspondent, it is understood that Reinthaler “has received orders from Munich not to inaugurate a terrorist campaign in Austria until the Saar plebiscite is over. His main duty is to reorganize the Austrian Nazi party, and not give any pretext for the Austrian government to prosecute those Nazis who are still holding public office.”

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