Farm School Will Celebrate Harvest Fete

Dr. Charles E. Beury, president of Temple University, will be guest speaker at the National Farm School next Sunday afternoon at the school’s thirty-seventh annual meeting and harvest festival.

Herbert D. Allman, president of the institution, who will submit his annual message at that time, announced today that harvest yields from the 1,200-acre plant have established a new high production record.

Boys of high school grades receive a three-year course in general agriculture; horticulture, floriculture, landscaping, farm mechanics, animal husbandry, which includes dairy cattle, poultry and care of other farm animals, and other specialities at the school.

A feature of the exercises will be the award of certificates to a special group of handicapped students. These men, sponsored by the State and Federal governments, under a rehabilitation program for handicapped persons, have completed a one-year specially arranged course in some of the lighter branches of the farm industry. A second class is now enrolled in the school. The rehabilitation students are additional to the regular student body of 150 youths, ranging in age from seventeen to twenty-one years, who are taking the general three years’ course. Board and room are furnished all students.