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Feierberg Stories Appear in Yiddish

Two stories by M. Z. Feierberg, brilliant modern Hebrew prose writer who died in 1899 in his early twenties, have been translated into Yiddish by S. H. Setzer, boyhood friend of Feierberg, and issued as Number Nine in the series of pamphlets published under the title of Dos Wort Library by the S. H. Setzer Society.

Both of the stories, “The Calf” and “Jacob the Watchman,” are autobiographical, describing the emotions of a sensitive boy when his pet calf is slaughtered and when the town watchman dies.

Among the subjects of the other eight pamphlets are Setzer’s reminiscences of his friendship with Feierberg; two essays, one on Chaim Nachman Bialik, by Setzer; the Baal Shem’s Will: Proverbs and Aphorisms of the Baal Shem, and four other translations from the works of Feierberg.