1,200-mile Line Takes First Petroleum from Iraq to Haifa
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1,200-mile Line Takes First Petroleum from Iraq to Haifa

A new milestone in the development of the Near East was reached today when, for the first time, oil fram the rich Mosul oilfields in Northern Iraq flowed early this morning into this city through the gigantic 1,200-mile pipeline across the desert wastes from Kirkuk.

The oil will be stored here in huge reservoirs constructed on Acre Bay between this city and the town of Acre, until the end of the month when shipments abroad to the markets of the world will commence.

Ten huge oil tanks are now under construction on the Acre Bay tract to store the oil pumped across the desert from the Mosul fields to this Mediterranean terminus. Another branch of the pineline connects the oilfields with the Mediterranean at the city of Tripoli, in the Lebanese Republic (Syria), which is under French protectorate.


The great pipeline, one of the longest in the world, was built by the Iraq Petroleum Company, Ltd., a concern in which British, Dutch, American and French oil interests are involved, and which has exploitation rights to the Mesopotamian oil reserves which are