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To the Editor, Jewish Daily Bulletin:

I read the vigorous articles by William B. Ziff in the Jewish Daily Bulletin with a great deal of pleasure, and my grateful heart prompts me to express my appreciation to him for the manly Jewish spirit which prompted him to write them. I personally believe that our might lies in our weakness, yet I also feel that there is room within the party of Israel for a party of zealots that would prevent any humility from degenerating into helotism.

Mr. Ziff’s articles deserve to be reprinted and circulated widely among the Jewish youth.

Has he read M. M. Kaplan’s “Judaism as a Civilization?” His viewpoint has a great deal in common with that expounded in that erudite work.

I hope that the spirit will continue to agitate Mr. Ziff’s mind and tug at his heart until the idea that has seized him will find practical realization.

Meanwhile, more power to the trenchant pen!

Rabbi Samuel Rosinger. Congregation Temple Emanuel, Beaumont, Texas.

October 10, 1934.