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Nazis Carry Attack to Japan

The long arm of the anti-Jewish Nazi propaganda has also reached Japan. N. E. B. Ezra, editor of Israel’s Messenger, Jewish weekly published in Shanghai, who has now returned from a visit in Japan, relates in his publication the following impressions:

Nippon is singled out as a field for Nazi propaganda. As the country is immune from Jewish problems and knows little or nothing about them, the Jews are painted in the blackest hue possible. I do not believe the Japanese will fall a prey to the Nazis’ bait.

Having been thwarted in Europe where an iron ring is being forged all around them, the Nazis are turning to Asia to embroil the Jews. I believe Japan will not forget the role which Jewish bankers had played in her struggle against the Russians in the war of 1904-5, from which she had emerged victorious. Jews have never harmed Nippon and it is a malicious lie to assert that the former had schemed to thwart Japanese influence at the League of Nations as the Nazis are trying to make the Japanese believe.