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Monitor Describes Biro-bidjan

The Christian Science Monitor carries a report from its Moscow correspondent on Biro-Bidjan which describes conditions there as follows:

Contrary to the usual impression, Winter is more pleasant than Summer. The long Winters are dry and sunny, but the Summers are wet and unpleasantly warm.

The natural resources are sufficient to make the region virtually self-sufficient when present plans to industrialize Biro-Bidjan have been completed. The Province has unlimited arable land, rich mineral resources, and great forests. Transportation facilities are already available through the Amur River and its tributaries and the Trans-Siberian and Vladivostok railways.

The town of Biro-Bidjan, with its population of 6,000, has become a cultural as well as industrial center. It has a theatre seating 400, with a permanent company of actors trained in the Jewish State Theatre in Moscow. Actors travel to smaller communities and collective farms.