Bureya Shows Lively Interest in Soviet Parley
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Bureya Shows Lively Interest in Soviet Parley

The first All Biro-Bidjan Soviet conference, now in session in the town of Biro-Bidjan, is the greatest political event in the life of the territory. The entire town is draped with red flags and with posters relating the achievements and future plans of the Jewish autonomous area. Airplanes circling over the town dropped leaflets extolling the congress with the slogan, “The Jewish Region, the Socialistic Homeland, Grows and Ripens.”

The second session of the conference was devoted to speeches by S. Dimanstein, who spoke on behalf of the All-Union Central Executive Committee, the highest body in the land; I. Kharik, who represented the White Russian Republic, and F. Sprakh, who spoke for Comzet, Soviet Jewish colonization organization.

All the speakers compared the present freedom and hopes of the

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