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List Speakers at Aid Parley of Polish Jews

The first “Extraordinary Conference for the Relief of the Jews in Poland,” called by the Federation of Polish Jews in America for January 6 at the Hotel Pennsylvania, will have among its principal speakers Dr. Stephen S. Wise, Bernard S. Deutsch, Professor Horace M. Kallen, Zelig Tygel, Benjamin Winter, Dr. Samuel Margoshes and B. V. Vladeck.

Tygel, recently returned from an extensive trip to Poland, will report in detail on the prevailing conditions which have brought the Polish Jews to the brink of economic ruin. There are 3,000,000 Jews in Poland.

The conference will seek to effect relief by measures enabling the victims to help themslves. Regional meetings will be held in Chicago, Philadelpnia, Detroit and other important Jewish centers during January and February.