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Bulletin Calendar of Events

Thursday, January 10

Young Men’s Hebrew Association, Ninety-second street and Lexington avenue; 8:30 p. m.; “The Crisis in Industrial Relations,” Louis M. Hacker.

Rand School of Social Science, 7 East Fifteenth street; 7:00 p. m.; “Hitlerism at Work,” Dr. Paul Kretzer.

New School for Social Research, 66 West Twelfth street; 8:20 p. m.; “Poland and the Balkans,” Hans Kohn.

League for Political Education and Civic Forum, Town Hall, 123 West Forty-third street. “The United States of America.” Mrs. Jackson Fleming; 11:00 a. m. “Which Way America?”, John Strachey, Lawrence Dennis, Norman Thomas, Stanley High; 8:30 p. m.

Debate, Yeshiva College and Brooklyn College, Yeshiva College Auditorium, Amsterdam avenue and 186th street; 8:30 p. m.; “Resolved that the Private Manufacture of Arms and Munitions be Prohibited by International Agreement.”

School of the Jewish Woman, 251 West 100th street; 7:15 p. m.; “Survey of Jewish History,” Rabbi Philip R. Alstat; “Talmud,” Dr. Aaron Rosmarin.

Young Women’s Hebrew Association, 31 West 110th street; 8:30 p. m.; Presentation of “The Jewish King Lear.”

Young Men’s Hebrew Association, Ninety-second street and Lexington avenue; 8:30 p. m.; “The Role of Education in Modern Jewish Life,” Israel S. Chipkin. Under the auspices of the Metropolitan League of Jewish Community Associations.

Congregation Emanu-El Community House, 1 East Sixty-fifth street; 10:30 a. m.; “Contemporary Jewish Writers,” Clifton P. Fadiman. Under the auspices of the Division of Education, Federation of Jewish Women’s Organizations.

Jewish Women’s Hour, Station WBNX; 1:30 p. m.

The Jewish Center, 131 West Eighty-sixth street; 8:30 p. m. Presentation of play “Tommy,” under auspices of Emergency Relief of Bureau of Department of Public Welfare.

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