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Hits Anti-semitism in Rumania

Anti-Semitic propaganda is practically prohibited now throughout the country. Anti-Jewish sentiment is being spread in the cities by hard-hit creditors, unpaid government contractors and disgruntled politicians of opposition parties.

Most of the malcontents are all too ready to attribute their troubles to the political system, the government of the day, the predominance of the Jews in business, and even the king.


The more energetic of the malcontents in all classes continue to swell the ranks of the extreme rights and extreme lefts. The number of adherents to these movements is difficult to estimate, since the Iron Guard, the extreme right anti-Semitic party, as well as the Communist party, representing the extreme left, have been driven underground and are not legally recognized as official political bodies.

The Iron Guard, if action was deemed necessary by the group, would probably have to rely almost entirely on its cadre of students and unemployed intellectuals.