Kashruth Experts Disagree in Court and Dealer is Freed
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Kashruth Experts Disagree in Court and Dealer is Freed

Two steaks were kosher; two were trefe. All three Gentile Justices of the Court of Sessions sitting in the Bronx County Courthouse presided Tuesday morning over a court room where it was determined which was which.

For this was an important question. Upon it depended, in part, the innocence or guilt of Julius Benson, a Jewish delicatessen and restaurant proprietor of 17 East Mt. Eden avenue who stood before the court on the charge of selling non-kosher meat as kosher.

Benson, who had sold hind-quarter meat as kosher, was charged by Bruno Frankel, a Department of Public Markets inspector, with having practiced deceit in selling such meat as kosher. It was his contention that the meat he purchased in Benson’s store was non-kosher.

In Magistrate’s Court, before Magistrate Aurelio, who held Benson for Specials Session last October, Frankel testified that he was an expert on kashruth, that