Vaida – Voevod Gains Ally in Tatarescu Kin
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Vaida – Voevod Gains Ally in Tatarescu Kin

Stefan Tatarescu, a brother of the Rumanian premier and a leader of the Rumanian National Socialists, today joined ex-Premier Vaido-Voevod in his campaign to restrict Jews in education, the professions and commercial life.

In a manifesto issued by Tatarescu in behalf of his party, the Premier’s brother urges the Rumanian population actively to support the anti-Jewish demands of Vaida-Voevod and to attend all mass meetings called by him.

Special headquarters established by the Lawyers Organization for the purpose of supporting Vaida-Voevod’s anti-Jewish campaign were consecrated in Bucharest today by the Patriarch.

Vaida-Voevod’s campaign seems to be gaining ground daily, since the ex-Premier emphasizes in his propaganda that his demands are based on the desire to eliminate unemployment among the Rumanians and to replace Jews and other national minorities by Rumanian employees.