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Books Received

The Lindbergh Crime, by Sidney Whipple. Blue Ribbon. 341 pp. First complete story of the sensational kidnapping case. The author is a United Press reporter and covered the case from the beginning to the final verdict.

Capitalism Carries On, by Walter B. Pitkin. McGraw-Hill. 282 pp. The author of “Life Begins at Forty” brings together ample evidence to show that the possibilities of profit-linked-with-service and individual initiative are greater today than ever before.

Sing Sing Doctor, by Amos O. Squire. Doubleday Doran. The memoirs of a doctor who was employed as chief physician at Sing Sing for twenty-five years. Very interesting reading.

Symphonic Masterpieces, by Olin Downes. Dial Press. An analysis of the greater number of symphonic works by the distinguished music critic of the New York Times.