Social Workers Unit Urges Action on Pay
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Social Workers Unit Urges Action on Pay

At an emergency meeting of the Association of Federation Workers, it was decided to protest against the refusal of the distribution committee of the Federation for the Support of Jewish Philanthropic Societies to give Federation workers a definite answer on their demands for better working conditions and increased wages for the coming year.

Since Federation was more than successful in its drive for funds this year, the association announced yesterday, the workers feel that their demands are justified. The rapid rise in the cost of living, has affected particularly certain categories of Federation workers, among them maintenance workers, who in some cases earn less than $35 a month.

The meeting voted to hold a demonstration in front of Federation Building, 71 West Forty-seventh street, on the night that the board of directors receives the report of the distribution committee and allocates funds for 1935 to its constituent agencies.

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