Certain Trial Will Prove ‘elders’ Fake
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Certain Trial Will Prove ‘elders’ Fake

The trial which Jewish leaders in Switzerland have instituted against Nazis for spreading the notorious anti-Jewish “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” and which is resuming in Berne on Monday after a lapse of six months, will definitely prove the forgery of this document.

This is the opinion expressed today by the Swiss press, which reports a new edition of the “Protocols” issued by the Nazis, published by the Hammer Verlag in Leipzig.

This new edition, according to today’s reports in the Swiss press, totally abandons the original Nazi theory that the “Protocols” are records of the first Zionist Congress. Instead, the new edition alleges that the “Protocols” are records of a “secret B’nai B’rith congress” held in Basle in 1897.


The Swiss press is paying much attention to the forthcoming trial, since the Nazi movement in Switzerland is assuming serious proportions.

An appeal to all Swiss students and citizens is published today in all Swiss newspapers, urging them to combat the Nazi influence among the students and to repudiate the Nazi propaganda in Switzerland which is directed from Germany. The appeal is issued by the Schweitzer Schutzbund, the Federation for the Protection of Switzerland.

The authorities are urged, in the