Nazi Winds Up for Sixth Day on Berne Stand
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Nazi Winds Up for Sixth Day on Berne Stand

Col. Ulrich Fleischauer, the Nazi expert in the “Protocols” trial, tomorrow will start his sixth consecutive day of testimony in an attempt to prove that the notorious anti-Semitic “Protocols,” upon which anti-Semites all over the world build their anti-Jewish propaganda, is not a forgery.

It is expected that Fleischauer will conclude his testimony tomorrow and that the expert for the court, Dr. C. A. Loosli, will then take the stand. The verdict is expected either on Tuesday or Wednesday.


An interruption in Fleischauer’s testimony occurred on Saturday when Dr. Arthur Baumgartner, the pro-Jewish expert at the trial, gave his rebuttal. Dr. Baumgartner summed up the “expert” analysis given by Fleischauer and declared that the Nazi “expert” failed to prove that the “Protocols” are not a forgery.

“It has been proven beyond doubt that the ‘Protocols’ are noth-