Note Rising Religious Feeling in Jewish Colonies of Ukraine
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Note Rising Religious Feeling in Jewish Colonies of Ukraine

Religion is gaining ground in the Jewish autonomous regions in the Ukraine, according to a report today in the Emes, organ of the Jewish Communists in Soviet Russia.

The report draws attention to the fact that within the last few weeks eleven Jewish colonists in new Zlatopol, members of the Communist Party, had their male children circumcized, in the Jewish autonomous region of New Zlatopol. The growth of religious activity in other Jewish regions is also considerable, the report emphasizes.

A questionnaire on religion has been sent out to all Jewish colonists in the Kalinindorf region to establish sentiments among the colonists towards religion. Every member of a Jewish collective farm, between the ages of 16 and 60, must submit answers.

The Stalindorf Jewish region was the first in the entire district today to complete its Spring sowing. The sowing of 28,600 hectares of land is reported from this region.

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