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The Evening Star of London, commenting on the religious freedom in England, says:

The highest offices in the City of London are open to citizens of all faiths. The present Lord Mayor, Sir Stephen Killik, is a Roman Catholic, and not the first within recent years. There are many Jewish members of the Corporation; a Jew is now a Sheriff. Discussing this with a Guildhall official, I learned of an interesting anniversary which is in danger of being overlooked—a centenary year for Jewry in London civic life. It was just a hundred years ago that a Jew first became a Sheriff. He was Sir David Salomons, who, twenty years afterwards, became Lord Mayor. A few months ago one of the members of the London Corporation attracted a certain amount of notice by his vigorous protest at the influence of Jewry on City affairs; he received little support. There are no religious qualifications exacted of the City of London fathers.