Reich Jews Told Not to Rely on Foreign Help
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Reich Jews Told Not to Rely on Foreign Help

The Jews in Germany were warned today not to depend too much on Jewish aid from abroad. The warning was given by Max Warburg, German-Jewish leader, addressing the annual meeting of the Hilfsverein, the German-Jewish relief organization which is helping Jews to migrate from Germany.

“The Jews of Germany must understand that there is no such thing as a Jewish financial or economic world organization,” Mr. Warburg said. “The Jews from abroad are merely aiding Jewish migration from Germany as part of their charity activities.”

Mr. Warburg emphasized that the Hilfsverein is ready to cooperate with the Zionists for the creation of a spiritual and economic basis for Jewish emigrants from Germany. The fate of German Jewry, he said, cannot be solved by the Hilfsverein, which is only an institution assisting prospective emigrants against making false steps.

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