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Poll Shows Olympics Body Favors U.S. Olympics Entry

Indications that the American Olympic Committee still supports participation in the Berlin Olympics were found in first returns of a telegraph poll of the 62 members being made by the New York Post.

The first results showed 18 favoring participation, 3 opposed and 3 undetermined.

Those favoring participation are: Avery Brundage, Chicago; Dr. Joseph E. Raycroft, Princeton University, vice-president;

Frederick W. Rubien, New York, secretary; Dr. Graeme M. Hammond, New York, president emeritus; Romeyn Berry, Cornell University; William Chase, Washington, D.C.; Leib Deyo, New York; Richard L. Hapgood, Cambridge, Mass.; Carl T. Majer, Philadelphia; F. Barnard O’Connor, New York.

Leonard F. O’Brien, New York; Professor Charles A. Proctor, Dartmouth College; Professor L.W. St. John, Ohio University; Joseph L. Savage, New York; Leon M. Schoonmaker, New York; Fred L. Steers, Chicago; Patrick J. Walsh, New York; Dietrich Wortmann, New York.

Against participation: Miss Charlotte Epstein, New York; former Supreme Court Justice Jeremiah T. Mahoney, New York; Charles L. Ornstein, New York.

Undetermined: Dr. I.R. Calking, Springfield, Mass.; Frank L. Kramer, East Orange, N.J.; C. W. Streit Jr., Birmingham, Ala.