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Catholic Clergy of Poland Condemns Anti-semitic Excesses, but Calls for Political, Economic, Social

The Catholic Clergy has replied to a Jewish appeal for condemnation of anti-Semitic excesses by demanding the ousting of the Jews from the social, economic and political life of the country.

While condemning acts of violence against Jews, the clergymen, in a commnique published yesterday by the official Catholic press agency, demand segregation of the Jews, declaring that Jewish youth was badly educated and dominated by extremist views.

The clergymen advocate Polonization of trade and industry, and assert that the Jews must aid in quieting the excited mood in Poland by not interfering with this “natural process.” It adds that the Jews should free themselves of their own faults.

Excesses cannot be permitted from the Christian point of view, the statement says, and are unprofitable. “The greatest command of Christianity is the love of humanity, independent of race, nationality and creed.”

Citing Germany as an example, the communique states that “wherever this command is broken, national hatred arises.” It adds that “the Jews, however, are not without guilt.”

The communique was issued in reply to an appeal in the Jewish newspapers for an expression on the part of the Catholic clergy against anti-Semitic terrorist acts. Recent bombings of synagogues and the beating-up of Jews on the streets were cited as instances.