Polish Jews Map Fight on Shechitah Bill
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Polish Jews Map Fight on Shechitah Bill

The Polish Jews today began to map detailed plans for combatting a bill before Parliament which would ban kosher slaughtering.

More than 250 representatives of Jewish communities and organizations, throughout Poland, after hearing addresses by Jewish leaders and members of Parliament, set up an actions committee of fifty and an executive committee of fifteen to conduct the battle against the proposal.

The conference adopted a resolution vigorously protesting against the bill, and appealing to the Government and to the public not to “permit this infringement on Jewish rights and this insult to the Jewish religion.”

The Sochevczower Rebbe, an important Jewish rabbi, declared in an address that the “Jews are being rewarded for their patriotism to the Polish State by insults to the Jewish religion and the starving out of millions of Jews.”

Other speakers were Senator Rabbi Moses Schorr, Senator Trockenheim and Deputies Emil Rubenstein and Minczberg.