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Ashes of Berlin Jew Who Was Arrested for “rassenschande” Delivered to “aryan” Wife

Excitement was created in Jewish circles today when the ashes of Fritz Baron, a Berlin Jew, were delivered to his “Aryan” wife. He had been arrested on a charge of “Rassenschande” ( race defilement).

Accompanying the ashes was a statement explaining that Herr Baron had died during a police inquiry.

It was believed, however, that the body had been cremated to destroy signs of torture.

Meanwhile, the National Socialist Party Correspondence, official Nazi organ, issued a statement contrasting Germany’s “fairness in dealing with the Jews” with anti-Semitic excesses in Eastern Europe.

The statement blamed the Jews for the world’s opposition to the restoration of the Reich’s colonies, adding that while the Jewish question was settled in a legal manner, the German policy to colonial natives was “inspired by a desire of protection and promotion of their culture.”