Nazi Court Fines Jew for Wearing Brown Trousers
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Nazi Court Fines Jew for Wearing Brown Trousers

The Frankische Tageszeitung reports that a Nuremberg court has sentenced a Jewish cattle-dealer to six weeks imprisonment for wearing brown trousers.

The court ruled that a Jew may not wear brown trousers because they might be confused with the uniform of the Nazi storm troopers. The Jew pleaded that he had worn them for many years.

All cattle-dealers in the district customarily wear brown trousers while working.

The paper also reported that a Hildesheim court had fined an “Aryan” 100 marks for having made an insulting remark about the Stuermer, Julius Streicher’s anti-Semitic newspaper. He was accused of having tossed a copy of the paper on the floor of an inn.

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