Berlin Plastered with New Anti-jewish Slogans
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Berlin Plastered with New Anti-jewish Slogans

Berlin’s “motto of the week,” expressing the theme of the Nuremberg Nazi Congress, is today Chancellor Hitler’s slogan coined in his speech before last year’s conclave. “Jewish Bolsheviks Are Poisoning the World.”

This and other anti-Jewish catch phrases covered the city today alongside sensational displays by Der Stuermer, Julius Streicher’s rabidly anti-Semitic weekly.

G. Erlangen, where 5,000 foreign Nazis, including American citizens are meeting, heard an address today by Dr. Walter Gross, chief of the Nazi racial department, that Germany has no desire to force its racial policy on other nations.

“It only desires to defend this policy abroad,” he said, “so that other nations may understand its background.”

He urged delegates on their return “to assist this propaganda work in order to counteract anti-German sentiment abroad which has resulted in a misunderstanding of German racial theory.”