5 Rumanian Jews Sentenced for Decrying Fascism
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5 Rumanian Jews Sentenced for Decrying Fascism

A military court yesterday sentenced five Jews, two of them women, to ten years’ imprisonment each for having shouted, “Down With Fascism:” during a demonstration on the city’s main street. The court explained the shout was an insult to Rumanian nationalism.

Risking their own lives, eight peasants saved a young Jew who had been attacked by a group of Blue Shirts in the village of Tisni, it was reported here. While one of the peasants forced his way through the assailants and shielded the Jew with his own body, his companions rushed the Blue Shirts and routed them.

Other disorders were reported from Balotina, in Bessarabia, where demonstrators dragged Jews from their homes, beat them up, wrecked their homes and shops. After an all-night riot, police arrived and arrested fifteen persons.

Viorel Tillea, anti-Semitic leader and newly-elected president of the Rumanian Football Federation, announced that “only teams of true Rumanians will be permitted to play in matches for the national title.” Many of the foremost Rumanian soccer teams included Jewish players on their rosters.