Reich Aids Emigration of Jews with Capital Below 8,000 Marks
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Reich Aids Emigration of Jews with Capital Below 8,000 Marks

The Government took measures today to speed the exodus of Jews from Germany by offering facilities for Jews with capital up to 8,000 marks to withdraw it at a discount of fifty per cent.

The Currency Exchange Office declared in a communique that the new regulations aim to “promote the emigration of people of small means to a greater extent than hitherto.”

The new rules will facilitate expatriation of many Jews who previously could not leave because currency restrictions made it impossible for them to withdraw enough funds to sustain themselves abroad. Under the new regulations, emigrants are also permitted to export household possessions, tools and equipment duty free.

Under the new regulations, the Reichsbank will provide foreign currency to emigrants on the following conditions:

1- The capital must not exceed 8,000 marks.

2- The emigrant must leave the country within two months.

3- He must furnish a written guarantee from the Hilfsverein der Juden in Deutschland, Jewish aid organization, that he will settle permanently abroad and never return to the Reich.

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