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Coughlin Hints at Purge “from Within” of Union’s Ranks

The Rev. Charles E. Coughlin, discussing the post-elections plans for his National Union for Social Justice, told 8,000 members last night it would “stand by the Constitution and by Christianity and by America,” and hinted at a purge of the Union’s ranks from within.”

In an address which followed the announcement in Detroit by Bishop Michael J. Gallagher that no priest in his diocese would henceforth be allowed to take an active part in politics, Father Coughlin said:

“What about the National Union? The National Union was born to stay By 1940 I hope to see our members multiply and our ranks cleaned out from within. The National Union will stand by the Constitution and by Christianity and by America.”

He attacked “unconstitutional” administration measures, declaring that the ten major pieces of New Deal legislation had originated in the minds of Rexford G. Tugwell, Ben Cohen, Felix Frankfurter and others.