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Brandeis Works While World Hails His 80th Birthday; New Biography out

Louis D. Brandeis, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, spent his eightieth birthday on the bench today as officialdom, press and public joined in singing his praises.

The veteran jurist and a pioneer Zionist leader, as usual, did not depart from his routine to celebrate the occasion.

A new biography of Mr. Justice Brandeis was issued by the National Home Library Foundation of Washington in an edition of 100,000 copies for sale at twenty-five cents each. Written by Alpheus T. Mason. Princeton professor of polities, it is called “Brandeis and the Modern State.” It contains a foreword by Norman Hapgood who declares the volume “tells, simply and well, an adventurous tale that explains why even in his life, Justice Brandeis is accepted as a prophet.”