Jew Wounded, Police Attacked in New Palestine Violence
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Jew Wounded, Police Attacked in New Palestine Violence

A Jew was seriously wounded in Jerusalem and two police detachments were attacked by Arab bands today in a renewal of violence that had abated with the end of the Arab strike a month and a half ago.

Joseph Hamburger, 45-year-old Jew, was shot near the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem while delivering milk in the neighborhood. He was removed to Hadassah hospital. Fifteen minutes after Hamburger was wounded, shots were fired at two aged Sephardic Jews in the Old City quarter, Neither was hit.

An armed band roaming the Tulkarem district seeking to release Arabs held in the Nur-el-Shem prison, engaged police forces. Another band attacked a police patrol between Lydda and Migdal Zedek and was routed after a half-hour battle.

Officer Schiff, commanding a detail of reinforcements, set out in pursuit of the attackers.