Book Showing Nietzsche Not Anti-semitic Hit by Nazis
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Book Showing Nietzsche Not Anti-semitic Hit by Nazis

A book published in Weimar attempting to disprove the Nazi nation that the German philosopher Nietzsche was an anti-Semite has caused a flurry in Nazi circles and prompted Chancellor Hitler’s paper to protest indignantly.

The Voelkischer Beobachter demands that the authorities investigate “how a German publishing house dared to publish such a book in 1936, which is an attack on National Socialism because it misrepresents the teachings of a great German who was a forerunner of Nazi theories.”

The book, “Nietzsche, Jews and Anti-Jews” was written by a German, Kurvon Westernhagen, although the Nazi organ is quite sure it could only have been written “either by a Jew or a Jesuit.”

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