Pamphlet Calling Attlee “jew” Withdrawn After Libel Suit
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Pamphlet Calling Attlee “jew” Withdrawn After Libel Suit

A libel action brought by Major Clement R. Attlee, leader of the Opposition in the House of Commons, today forced Colonel Graham Seton Hutchinson, notorious anti-Semite and leader of the so-called National Workers Party, to withdraw his anti-Semitic pamphlet, “Truth.”

The pamphlet called Major Attlee a Jew, accused him of engineering the World War, supporting white slavery and engaging in other objectionable practices usually attributed by anti-Semites to Jews.

Major Attlee withdrew the action following an apology and payment of court costs by Col. Hutchinson and suppression of the pamphlet.

When the case was called, the court declared that Col. Hutchinson had “better change the name of the pamphlet, otherwise he will find himself in a criminal court.”