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Plan Christian-jewish Clubs in London’s East End to Aid Amity

East End social workers and religious leaders were mapping today plans to establish Christian-Jewish social clubs as a means to combat spreading anti-Semitism.

A decision to establish such clubs, to bring Jews and Christians into closer social contact, was adopted at a meeting of the Council of East London Citizens, at which the Archbishop of Canterbury presided.

Announcing the decision at a public meeting last night, Dr. J. Mallon, the council’s secretary, declared he favored intermarriage as a further remedy for anti-Semitism.

Dr. Mallon, well-known social welfare worker who helped the Government frame the Public Order Act, denounced Sir Oswald Mosley, British Fascist leader as a “discredited politician.”

He declared the recent anti-Jewish disturbances in the East End would lead to elimination of estrangement between Jews and Gentiles in that section of the city.