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Austro-reich Trade Pact Seen Ousting More Jews from Film Trade

Further elimination of Jews from the Austrian film industry is seen by Die Reichspost, Government organ, as the price for the recently concluded Austro-German trade agreement whereby import of an additional 1,500,000 shillings in Austrian films is admitted to Germany.

Whereas in the past Austrian film producers have been obliged to purge their companies of Jewish actors, directors and even cameramen, henceforth the purge will have to be extended even to Jewish stockholders, it was stated.

Die Reichspost reports that the largest Austrian film company, Tobis-Sascha Shareholding Corporation, ownership of which was shared equally by the German Tobisco and the Jewish Dr. Pilzer, has now become “Aryanized.” Dr. Pilzer’s shares, it was stated, have passed into the hands of the Creditanstalt Wiener Bankverein.

“This change,” Die Reichspost writes, “will bring about a greater influx of ‘Aryans’ into our film industry and will also improve German-Austrian film relations.”