Jews Won’t Yield Minority Rights, Polish Zionists Told
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Jews Won’t Yield Minority Rights, Polish Zionists Told

The Polish Zionist Federation concluded its annual conference today electing Advocate Apolinary Hartglas as president.

“We will never give up our right to be regarded as a national minority,” Dr. M. Kleinbaum, a Jewish leader, declared in an address to the convention. “We recognize the Poles as a people of the State among equal national groups. We demand the same privileges.”

Dr. Kleinbaum attacked Jewish groups which previously supported the Polish Government, referring to them as “national traitors.”

The Brith Trumpeldor, right-wing Zionist organization, said in a statement that it was impossible any of its members were responsible for the attack on Dr. Isaac Gruenbaum as he was returning from a Zionist concert, but promised to expel any members found guilty after an investigation.

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