Nine Poles Sentenced for Participation in Brzesc Riots
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Nine Poles Sentenced for Participation in Brzesc Riots

Nine Poles were sentenced to terms ranging from a week’s detention to a year’s imprisonment in two trials yesterday for participation in the anti-Jewish riots here last May 13.

One-year sentences were meted out to three who were tried together for desecrating a synagogue during the pogrom.

In the other trial, involving a band of seven charged with demolishing the shop of Rebecca Kalman, pillaging and illegal assembly, the leader, named Piechowski, drew an eight-month jail term. Four of his followers, including two women, got six-month suspended sentences, one was sentenced to a week’s detention, and the other was acquitted.

This group, defended by the anti-Semitic lawyer Kowalski, escaped paying symbolic damages. The court rejected this claim, recognizing only material damages.

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