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Soviet Approves Plans for Jewish Settlement

Plans for settlement of 2,244 Jewish families in the Soviet Republics of Georgia, Azerbaijan and Crimea in 1937 were ratified today by the Council of People’s Commissars.

The plans call for settling 500 families in the Crimea, of whom 350 will be recruited from the Ukraine, 50 from White Russia, 20 from the Western districts and the remainder from other districts.

The Azerbaijan colonists, expected to number 1,044, will be recruited from the local nomadic Jews, who will be settled in collective farms, and from Jews in overcrowded agricultural regions. Seven-hundred families will be settled in Georgia.

The Crimean Republic will receive 500,000 rubles to carry out the colonization, and the Georgian and Azerbaijan Republics will get 1,000,000 rubles each. Jewish settlers will also receive long-term loans from agricultural banks.