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Proclamation Urges Arab Policemen to Desert to Terrorist Bands; Offers Higher Pay

A proclamation, purportedly signed by the commander-in-chief of Palestine terrorists, today urged Arab ghaffirs and constables to desert their government jobs and enlist with Arab bands at higher pay. Circulated throughout Palestine, the proclamation offers ghaffirs monthly salaries of about $18, against $15 they receive in the Government service, and constables $35 instead of their present wage of $30. Death is threatened for failure to comply within two weeks.

The authorities warned Palestine newspapers not to publish news of the document. They also forbade publication of the arrest in Haifa yesterday of Haj Achmud el Hussein, known as a follower of the bandit chieftain Sheik al Kassam, for possession of a gun. Another Arab was arrested in Haifa yesterday while attempting to kill two Arab members of the Criminal Investigation Department.