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Jewish Deputies to Vote Against Polish Government Budget Protesting Anti-semitism

The Sejm’s three Jewish deputies announced today that they will vote against the Government budget as a protest against the Government’s “anti-Jewish extermination policy.”

Their decision was contained in a declaration by the Jewish Deputies Club, read by Dr. Emil Sommerstein during a debate on the budget. It cites the Government-sanctioned “ghetto benches” in Polish universities, insecurity of life and property, the Government’s toleration of anti-Jewish picketing, its campaign for emigration of Jews, its financial support of the economic drive against Jews and refusal to give Jews Government posts. The declaration concludes by expressing confidence in the ultimate justice of the democratic masses.

Deputy Leib Minzberg, in a speech supplementing the declaration, described the economic plight of the Jews and declared that “only by a miracle” does the Jewish people of Poland survive.

Ukrainian members of the Sejm announced they would abstain from voting on the budget.