Nothing Can Influence Hitler but Force, Dr. Adler Asserts
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Nothing Can Influence Hitler but Force, Dr. Adler Asserts

An article in today’s New York Journal and American by Dr. Cyrus Adler, president of the American Jewish Committee, states that Hitler’s latest adventure in Austria “has made more clear than ever before that nothing can influence him but force.”

“There is no forum or bar before which decent world opinion can appeal from the unconscionable assaults of Nazi Germany,” Dr. Adler said. “The Jews of America must steel themselves to carry the added burden of helping in every possible way the 200,000 Jews of Austria. What has happened to them has added 50 per cent to the responsibility of American Jews to bring aid to the Jews of Germany, a problem with which we have been coping during the past five years.”

He asserted that the present Polish Government “is not prepared to follow the policies of the Nazi Government in Germany, although there are plenty of indications here and there that certain sections of the Polish community are not averse to it.”

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