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Britain Accepts U.S. Bid to Devise Aid for Political Refugees; 24 Nations Enlisted

The British Government today announced its readiness to cooperate to the “fullest extent possible” in the Hull-Roosevelt plan to set up an international committee to facilitate emigration of political refugees from Austria, Germany and other European countries.

Great Britain’s acceptance was contained in a note handed to United States Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy yesterday by Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax. As summarized today by the Foreign Office, the note declares:

“His Majesty’s Government welcome the proposals, share the concern which has prompted the United States to take the initiative and desire to cooperate to the fullest extent possible. It (the note) offers certain observations on the scope of the proposals and agrees that the work of existing agencies dealing with refugees should not be interfered with. In this connection, it draws attention to the position of the League High Commission for Refugees from Germany and states, finally, that His Majesty’s Government are already examining what contribution is in its power to make for a solution of the problem of refugees from Austria and Germany.”